Curiosity on the Dharma Net

by Daniel Thorson

I’ve never resonated with the phrase ‘spiritual longing’. It always seemed way too dramatic. My experience was more a sense of morbid curiosity. Most of the time it was like a slightly reluctant walk down a long hallway. Luckily this is a fantastic time period to be curious. It is also a good time to have a sense of morbidity, as this can help keep you grounded.

With sites like Dharmaseed and Access to Insight you can browse around and feel resonance with concepts that are alive and relevant for you. You’ll find that certain concepts become more interesting at certain points in your practice. It can even feel like the internet is teaching you, delivering the right links at the right time to take another step forward. This is an excellent sign, continue to be curious.

Finding time to listen to dharma talks is vital. The path can be really lonely and frustrating at points and listening to talks can help with this. The danger with the internet is losing sight of the practice. There was a point a few years ago when I started recognizing a sensation I now recognize to mean  “you should be meditating, not reading about meditating.” It’s good to get acquainted with this feeling, there’s a lot of wisdom there.